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DEL GALLO FINANCIAL SERVICES, LLC - (Established in 1999) - Wealth Management with Integrated Asset Management.

Our approach to business and individual financial, pension, and insurance analysis is to obtain from our clients detailed information including your attitudes, goals, and objectives; to analyze all the information obtained in order to develop alternatives for your consideration; to educate our clients about the implications of selecting a particular alternative; to implement the alternative selected by the client; and to periodically update the recommendations adopted. It is our goal to become your chief financial adviser and to coordinate the efforts of your other advisors in your best interests. We want you to be educated about your own financial affairs and to take an active role in managing them. 

Del Gallo Financial Services, LLC's philosphy in performing an analysis is to gather adequate reliable information about a client's situation; to determine the client's goals and objectives, time horizon, and risk tolerance; to analyze all of the foregoing information in an objective manner and to develop recommendations for my clients based upon this thorough analysis and in the interest of rendering disinterested advice. In a personal financial services engagement, We endeavor to consistently act in the interest of our client and to place his or her interest ahead of our own. Moreover, We believe that a client should be both informed an pro actively involved in his or her personal financial affairs. Accordingly, We believe in holding frequent meetings with my clients to educate them about the financial, pension, or insurance analysis and the implementation process.

Del Gallo Financial Services, LLC has an investment philosophy that focuses on portfolio selection through Modern Portfolio Theory. Modern Portfolio Theory is the concept that the securities markets are generally efficient. Like traditional diversification, it looks at the risk and return characteristics of each investment, however, unlike traditional diversification, the interactions between the investments are also considered. In either case, past performance is not a guarantee of future results and there is no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will ourperform one that is not diversified. 


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Del Gallo Financial Services, LLC offers financial strategies tailored to suit the investment, pension, or insurance objectives of each individual or business.  Investment strategies employed are predominantly long term in nature, although occasionally short term requirements will dictate a different approach. Del Gallo Financial Services, LLC does not offer, provide, or encourage short-term speculative trading of individual securities using such methods as selling short, option writing, or spread strategies. Hedging techniques may be used within accounts and an explanation can be reviewed in the mutual fund prospectus, Form ADV Part II, disclosures or agreements.  Del Gallo Financial Services, LLC is not actively involved in the selection of or the analysis of individual securities. If the client requests specific advice, Del Gallo Financial Services, LLC relies primarily on the information from our research sources. The client retains full responsibility for determining whether to adopt any financial, pension, or insurance recommendations in light of their financial goals and ability to accept risk. In addition, Del Gallo Financial Services, LLC does not forecast interest rates or stock markets as a market timing process.


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Let Del Gallo Financial Services, LLC help your family, business, or non-profit organization with our independent personal touch without sacrificing the broad resources required in today's market!

The aforementioned is a product and service listing only and is not intended to be an offer for the sale of securities or insurance, and is not intended to provide planning or investment advice. Securities are offered by prospectus.

Portfolio Management, Financial Planning, Solicitor/Investment Management Services, Consulting, & Trust Referral Services, are offered through representatives of Del Gallo Financial Services LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor.  Please review the ADV Part II, Privacy notice, and disclosures of Del Gallo Financial Services LLC, these are available upon written request.

Del Gallo Financial Services, LLC is a licensed insurance agency in Connecticut (U.S.A.).  Del Gallo Financial Services, LLC may be licensed in other states in the U.S. and this information is available upon request. Del Gallo Financial Services, LLC's Address; 195 West Main Street, Suite 7, Avon, Ct. 06001.

Del Gallo Financial Services LLC and its representatives do not provide tax and legal advice. Please consult your tax advisor and attorney for such guidance and prior to implementing any strategies.

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